Why Cook In Circles? Copper Chef Square Pan Gives You More Room.

Are you spending too much time cooking in circles? Most kitchen cookware features a circular design. The Copper Chef All Around Square Pan’s breakthrough square design proves you can fit a square pan on a round burner.

This innovative square design gives you more room to cook more food. In fact, the square shape of this Copper pan presents 25% more cooking area than a traditional round pan. What this means to you is that you can either cook more food at once or you have extra space to maneuver your utensils.

In a round pan it can be difficult to position your spatula to flip a delicate omelet or razor thin crepes, but in the Copper Chef square pan you have more room to maneuver the utensil and make the flip with perfection.

If you look at the Copper Chef reviews, the square pan design gets high praise as one of the best pans for cooking.

You may ask, just how does a square pan cook better on a round burner? This copper pan has a built in stainless steel induction plate. If you have an induction cooktop, then you will love how well it lets you take advantage of this breakthrough cooking technology. Even if you don’t have induction, the induction plate on this nonstick frying pan helps to evenly disperse the heat from any burner whether it is gas, ceramic, electric, or induction.

You get even heat throughout the surface of the cooking area. You do not have hot spots. Eggs, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and other favorites cook evenly no matter what part of the copper pan’s surface area they are sizzling on.

When you combine the even heat with the advanced Cerami-Tech non-stick coating, you get an exceptional nonstick frying pan, and with the deep-dish sides you also get an excellent nonstick sauce pan and even a nonstick pot and baking dish.

The square design that gives you more room is only the start. The other features of this copper all clad pan deliver even more important cooking benefits. The result is a multi-purpose square pan that works as well in the oven as it does on the stove top. This one copper pan can replace a roasting pan, a rice cooker, a steamer, a baking dish, a stock pot, a wok, and a frying pan.

It can truly help you clear your kitchen clutter and give you more room to make your best meals as well. For more information about the Copper Chef All Around Square Pan and some delicious free recipes, go to: CopperChef.com.

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6 thoughts on “Why Cook In Circles? Copper Chef Square Pan Gives You More Room.

  1. Clara Plummer

    Does the deep copper pan come with to square handles, instead of the long handle?

    • copperchef

      Currently we only offer the deep pan with the long handle but we will be expanding our line to include more options.

  2. Julie

    When making a cheese omlet do you have to put oil in the pan first?

    • copperchef

      Hi Julie,
      You don’t have to add oil or butter but you can if you would like.

  3. J L

    The pictures of the steamer tray don’t show “legs” (to raise tray above steaming liquid) or handles (to lift the steamed food out of the pan).
    Does the tray have legs and handles?

    • copperchef

      The tray should have come with legs. It does not come with a handle. Sometimes the legs are easy to miss in the box.

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