When it comes to heat, Copper Chef can’t be beat!

Are all oven-safe pans equal? Do they all withstand the same amount of heat? These are two very important questions to ask yourself before you choose the oven-safe pans you will use to cook for your family for years and years.

Today, many of the best pans for cooking claim to be oven-safe. But are they? Nonstick frying pans with high heat resistance are in demand more and more because you can use them both on the stove and in the oven.

Some people like to begin cooking a recipe on the stovetop before transferring to a warm oven. It’s become increasingly popular to saute a piece of salmon on the stove for a light, crispy crust on the outside, then switch to the oven to finish cooking the inside.

But it’s not just about delicious dinners. Did you know that professional chefs use the best nonstick pots for baking, too? Many people who buy the Copper Chef pan find it outperforms the everyday baking pans in their kitchen cabinets.

At copperchef.com you’ll find amazing recipes for Classic Cherry Pie and S’mores Cake. And there are so many more delicious desserts that cook to perfection in the Copper Chef pan. A state-of-the-art, non-stick, deep-sided pan is always ideal for baking.

A premium nonstick coating is essential for any pot or pan used in the oven. Cerami-tech non-stick technology means nothing sticks to the pan, even after your meal has been baking or roasting in the oven at extremely high temperatures.

Just be sure you’re using one of the best cooking pans and pots that’s guaranteed safe for use in the oven.

But what does “oven-safe” mean, exactly? Many of the copper saucepan sets advertised “oven safe” are only rated for 500 degrees. When many recipes bake at 450 degrees or more, there’s little if any room left to spare.

But the Copper Chef nonstick sauce pan is guaranteed to resist heat up to 850 degrees— more than enough thermal room to spare, so you can rest assured there’s no room for error.

It’s essential your nonstick cookware has proper heat resistance. It can mean the difference between a fantastic meal or a dish loaded with harmful chemicals released by an overheated pan.

And remember: any pan that’s going into the oven shouldn’t be difficult to maneuver. Not only is the Copper Chef pan lightweight, it’s constructed with heavy-duty, riveted handles. This makes going in & out of the oven a breeze. What other copper all clad pan can say the same?

And when you’re finished, do what chefs have done for ages: hang your Copper Chef copper saucepan set on the wall. There’s nothing more inviting (or appetizing) in a kitchen than a beautiful display of copper saucepans.

For more information, and even more mouthwatering recipes, go to copperchef.com.

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10 thoughts on “When it comes to heat, Copper Chef can’t be beat!

  1. Eric, can the copper chef be used on a gas grill, to keep the kitchen cool?

  2. Ramesh Chandra

    Is the LID heat resistant if used in the OVEN at 450 degrees

    • copperchef

      Yes the lid is heat resistant up to 450 degrees.

  3. shelly klein

    can the pan be used on a gas grill????

    • copperchef

      Hi, yes the pan can be used on a gas grill.

  4. Faith Mauro

    You said that your pans are heat resistant up to 850 degrees does that include oven heat or just the top of the stove?
    The size 9.5 is a little small for my needs are you measuring the top and the bottom or is the top larger?
    I know you have a casserole pan that’s larger with small handles, do you have a larger pan with a long handle?
    I have birds that are very sensitive to cookware, are your pans safe for birds?

    • copperchef

      Hi Faith. The pan is heat resistant up to 850 on the stove or in the oven. The measurement is the top and bottom. We don’t currently have a larger pan with a long handle, but we are looking to expand the line. There is nothing in the pan that will harm birds. Thanks!

  5. bill

    How do you decide whether to bake covered or uncovered. The book doesn’t say.

    • copperchef

      Hi Bill, when baking, most things will be uncovered. If you need to cover something the recipe will tell you.

  6. I had dinner guests over and used my brand new square pan and lid for the first time to make the lasagna in the mini cookbook. I changed some minor ingredients to personalize the recipe but followed the cooking directions. My lasagna was a success!!! It cooked beautifully in my oven at 375 degrees and my guests kept going back for seconds! Am so pleased with my copper set.

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