Love my Copper Chef pans!

I love these Copper Chef pans! They are so easy to use for anything and clean up is a breeze. I wish I could replace all of my pots with these!!! I will be keeping an eye open for new sizes and sales. I love these pans!  If dinner cleanup is quick and easy we are all happy!

Lori Z.

2 thoughts on “Love my Copper Chef pans!

  1. I LOVE these pans! I have both square ones, I’ve used them every day since I got them 2 months ago…They are sbsolutely wonderful. I use them fur everything & haven’t used my old ones. Now I want the sauce pans! I am getting these for all my boys, all in their 40’s and are fantastic cooks. They wii need to cook for me now, with great pans!!!

  2. I love these pans!!! I have bought 2 sets and his hard cover book!!! He is absolutely amazing!!!

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