Learn about the Copper Chef Pan!

Now you can bake, fry, broil, saute, steam & braise— all in one pan! Introducing Copper Chef , the nonstick, all-around square pan that replaces most of your kitchen utensils. Made of the hig
hest quality, heavy-duty craftsmanship,the Copper Chef pan cooks on all stovetop surfaces. It withstands heat up to 850° degrees so you can take it right from stovetop to oven.

Copper Chef is the world’s first non-stick all-round square pan with Cerami-Tech coating,a new generation of healthy ceramic non-stick technology. That means nothing will stick to your pan. Copper Chef, with extra deep sides replaces a roasting pan, a rice cooker, a steamer, a stock pot, a wok and a baking dish. Even cook mac and cheese from dry right in its own sauce. Delicious! No more boiling and straining ever again!
What’s the secret? Copper Chef’s induction plate channels heat quickly and evenly with no hot spots, so you can sear meat in a flash!

And because you’re cooking with ceramic non-stick, you don’t have to add all that extra fat and butter. Air pop popcorn without any oil or butter. And no added calories.

The Cerami-Tech coating is 100% chemical, PTFE and PFOA free. So it won’t chip, peel or flake into your food. Now you can prepare, cook and serve in one large capacity family size pan!Best of all, clean up is a breeze and your Copper Chef pan is dishwasher safe. Copper Chef stainless steel induction plate makes it perfect for any surface – electric, gas, ceramic and induction. Now you can prepare, cook and serve in one large capacity family size pan.

To learn more visit us at http://www.copperchef.com

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17 thoughts on “Learn about the Copper Chef Pan!

  1. KEvin McNelis

    can the copper chef glass top be used in the oven when cooking a particular dish – such as a chicken – starting with
    the glass top on the copper chef pan and then removing it to finish browning the chicken
    thanks / new customer

    • copperchef

      Hi Kevin,
      Yes, the glass lid can go into the oven up to 450 degrees.

  2. BR

    Does the Copper Chef Pan irk on the New Wave cooktop?

    • copperchef

      Yes, it works will all cooktops.

      • Dennis Strawn

        I purchased the new wave cooktops and it would not even boil water using your pans. I believe that your pans will work with any cooktop and NuWave cooktops are bogus. I sent the cooktops back to the company. I know there’s nothing wrong with copper Chef pans as a magnet will stick right to the bottom of them. I love your pans so much I bought 4 of them and I will not be parting with them, thank you so much.

  3. Loralyn

    Can you put the pans into ice water while still hot, as required for certain recipes. Will it warp? What exactly is the pan made of, besides the copper.

    • copperchef

      Hi Loralyn, you shouldn’t put the pans into ice water while hot. The pans will warp. Can I ask what recipes asks you to do that?

  4. Linda

    Does this pan come in a 9.5 and 1″ deep instead of the 4″ deep.??????

  5. Gloria

    Can the 9.5 be used for making candy? (ei. peanut brittle) How many cups/pints/quarts can it hold?

    • copperchef

      Hi Gloria. the 9.5 holds 4 quarts of liquid. You definitely can use the pan to make candy.

  6. Donna knox

    Love my copper chef pans. I have the 10″ skillet as well as the 4 1/2″ square pan. Do they make sauce
    Pans? If not why not? Or when will they?

  7. Debbie

    Can the copperchef pan be used on a glass stove top?

    • copperchef

      Hi Debbie. Yes! You can use the Copper Chef pan on any stove top.

  8. John

    Can the copper chef plan go in the broiler for broiled salmon?

    • copperchef

      Hi John! Yes, the Copper Chef pan can go in the broiler. It is heat resistant up to 800 degrees!

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