I love my Copper Chef

I love my Copper Chef pan. I bought the square pan and can cook anything in it without it sticking. I have never seen a pan as good as this one. I don’t need oil or butter to cook my food. I also ordered the 10 inch round pan for smaller foods like eggs and sausage. I sure wish you had an even smaller pan for cooking maybe one egg. That would be awesome! I have told everyone I know about this pan. I sure hope they took my advice and ordered one. I would also be great if you made pots like this.



3 thoughts on “I love my Copper Chef

  1. Carol Inyart

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Jody P

    Used the Grill Mat for Beer Can Chicken- no flare ups & beautiful… went too fast to get a picture-sorry😋

  3. Jeff Hensel

    I love the copper chef crisper. This pan set is an amazing work of art and keeps on delivering everytime we use it.

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