Eric Theiss Takes the Anxiety Out of Thanksgiving With Copper Chef

Finally! Stress-Free Holiday Cooking

Are you ready for Thanksgiving dinner? I am. Even though I’m a busy dad, I’m not anxious at all about cooking multiple dishes for a large group. Why? Because I’m cooking all of my dishes in Copper Chef. It’s really six cooking tools in one, so it’s versatile enough to take me from appetizers all the way to dessert.

It’s Hip to Cook Square

The team at Copper Chef chose the pan’s unique square shape design to give you up to 25% more cooking room. My kitchen cabinets are finally organized! I don’t need tons of different pots and pans to cook a family-sized holiday meal.

The extra-deep sides make this pan ideal for baking both sweet and savory Thanksgiving recipes. Last year I cooked my turkey and my apple pies in a Copper Chef pan. The deep-dish sides make it the perfect slow cooker or soup pot when I’m cooking for the holidays.

1 Pan for All of Your Thanksgiving Recipes

And don’t forget about side dishes, either. Did you know I created my recipe for pesto green beans specifically for the Copper Chef pan? Sometimes I even use it as a serving dish, especially if I’m using the extra-large XL casserole version. Plus, all Copper Chef pans are built with 850° heat resistance. I’m never nervous about taking it straight from the stovetop and right into the oven.

No More Kitchen Nightmare

One of Copper Chef’s greatest features is its ceramic nonstick coating. I get crisp, golden-brown pie crusts without having to use any extra butter or shortening. My apple pies lift right out, cooked to perfection, with no added fat. Nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan so I don’t have to soak or scrub afterwards. I just pop it into the dishwasher or rinse it out with a gentle cloth.

And that’s it!

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4 thoughts on “Eric Theiss Takes the Anxiety Out of Thanksgiving With Copper Chef

  1. Fred Coram

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    Fred Coram
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    • copperchef

      Hi, Fred. I have forwarded your concern to our customer service manager. Can you please provide your telephone number so she can contact you?

      Thank you!

  2. Does anyone know how many quarts the xl is

    • copperchef

      The XL is 7.2 qts.

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