Copper chef with every meal!

We always use our Cooper Chef from eggs or pancakes in the morning to pan frying meat or spaghetti at night.

I love it for stir-frying. The high walls help keep the food in the pan and not on my stove.

My son loves it as well because it is easy to clean.

One thought on “Copper chef with every meal!

  1. So far I just love this pan! Made the Mac & cheese recipe but added 3 Tablespoons butter for flavor and a teaspoon pepper to the recipe
    It was delicious! Made a pot roast in the oven after browning the meat in the same pan… Left the lid on and turned out just perfect!! Can’t say enough good things about this pan! I also made bacon and eggs for breakfast and Salmon for dinner! This is my go to pan!!! Absolutely no sticking of food to this pan! I Love it?!! I also have a food Network pan which is very simalar and this copper chef blows that pan away!!

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