Copper Chef Pan Review

I’m starting a new me with healthy eating I lost 10 pounds. I tossed my old pans out. I saw the Copper Chef on TV believed in it so much I bought the 2 sets and decided this is the beginning of good health.  I gave one set to one of my daughters.  I’ve been using these pans and love how easy it is and no clutter too. I can bake roast I’m sooo happy it’s a great investment. I still have one more daughter would like to win one for her thank you Copper Chef.

3 thoughts on “Copper Chef Pan Review

  1. jenniffer harr

    I wish you’d make smaller pots for smaller meals. Please try!

  2. Charla Brown

    I just bought copper chef haven’t used it yet. I heard it needs to be seasoned, is this true.

    • copperchef

      Hi Charla. Seasoning is optional but will help to prolong the life of the pan.

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