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Cut The Fat With The Copper Chef Pan

How to Lose Holiday Weight Hey, guys! Eric Theiss here. Did you overindulge during the holidays? I sure did. But I’m not worried about losing those extra pounds. Why? I cook in Copper Chef, the nonstick pan that requires no butter or oil. I save hundreds of calories in just one meal— no matter what…

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Eric Theiss’ Best Recipes For Holiday Leftovers

Need a Recipe For Leftover Mashed Potatoes?               Hey, guys! Eric here. Thanks to Copper Chef’s 6-in-1 cooking methods, I have zero anxiety about all of the holiday meals I’m cooking. I can use it to bake my famous cherry pies and cook a juicy pot roast in the oven. When it comes to…

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I love my Copper Chef

I love my Copper Chef pan. I bought the square pan and can cook anything in it without it sticking. I have never seen a pan as good as this one. I don’t need oil or butter to cook my food. I also ordered the 10 inch round pan for smaller foods like eggs and…

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