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Summer Seafood Made Easy with CopperChef

There are many things to love about summer – warm weather, longer days, fewer obligations with school out and vacation season in full swing. How about beach trips, baseball games, picnics and hours spent lounging by the pool? It just wouldn’t be summer for many areas of the country without farm fresh foods, seasonal produce…

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One Pot Meals for Fancy Dinners at Home

Winter has been warmer in some parts of the country, while others still have the threat of snow storms. No matter where you live, February and March are generally cooler months and the perfect time to stay in and create healthy, delicious meals at home, whether for a date night, gathering with friends or a…

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Cut The Fat With The Copper Chef Pan

How to Lose Holiday Weight Hey, guys! Eric Theiss here. Did you overindulge during the holidays? I sure did. But I’m not worried about losing those extra pounds. Why? I cook in Copper Chef, the nonstick pan that requires no butter or oil. I save hundreds of calories in just one meal— no matter what…

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